Monday, June 1, 2009

KId's LuRve

When I first met Eika, we took an instant dislike to each other. She was very annoying from my point of view. She liked to correct everyone at all the times. She didn’t care about other people’s feeling. She was such a typical Malay girl that loved to have fun at all time. I don’t know how to describe her but, I really hated her.
I was in the form two when she entered the school. In never see her before, thus I didn’t dare to be close to her. Maybe luck was on my side, the cute little girl sat next to me. I still remembered that there was an empty chair next to me. So, the teacher made up her mind and asked her to sit next to me. Not only me, maybe would all the boys in the world feel a pleasure to sit next to a gorgeous girl. I thought she was kind of polite and hardworking girl. But, I was definitely wrong and far from the actual fact. I felt like I was sitting next to a little devil. She really invaded my privacy. She took everything she wanted to use from my pencil box without a word of `please` or `excuse me`. But what was strange was that she would return it to me nicely with a magical word of thanks after she had used it.
At the end of form two, she scored in her final examination. She got flying colours results. I could not believe my own eyes to see that. It was liked magic. Deep in my heart, I believe that she was such a genius. Why not? During the lesson’s time she never paid attention to what the teacher was teaching. She also rarely completed her homework gave by the subject’s teacher. But yet, she managed to score in exam that she sat. On that day, I congratulated her for her good achievement and I decided to challenge her in the exam.
She was a prefect when we were in form three. I was appointed as the prefect too but since I was in form one. I was the head of discipline committee. So, I had a hard job to improve the school’s discipline. Eika was the top dog of the school. I never had the chance to scold her although she was under my observation as she was in the discipline’s committee. She was not a wild prefect or mixed with the bad groups but her discipline was very bad. She was not a punctual girl. In my observation, she never had any discipline cases but she used to be too kind and gentle to the students while handling some discipline cases. I didn’t know how to advise her because she was very mulish and never wanted to listen to my counsel.
In form three, we got into the same class again, the first class among all the classes, the cream of the school. I sat next to her again and of course was still stuck to her attitude and she simply kept teasing me all the time. She was a happy go lucky girl and she never failed to smile at her friends. Since i was small, no one dared to disturb all my stuff even my siblings didn’t dare to do so. But, what was weird was that I let her to do so to me all the time. She never knew how to rest and be silent at least a minute. She was too hyperactive.
We were going to sit for the PMR this year. So, we really burnt the midnight oil everyday to ensure we had done enough preparation. The exam was around the corner, so I asked Eika to pull her socks but she refused to do so. I wanted to compete with he and she agreed with my idea. She never tried to work harder than before. She was in a very relaxed condition. She was very talented student, she was liked a sponge that absorbed every drop of knowledge and used it during exam wisely.
“Good luck for your exam. Be careful while answering the exam’s question” I wished her on the examination day.“Thank you so much. Good luck to you too. Don’t forget about our deal, boy.” She wished me too and reminded me about our deal before.
Then, we entered the examination hall after a short prayer by the head student. I felt liked cat on the hot bricks but I tried to calm myself and answered every question slowly, properly and wisely. The examination’s day went well and I managed to do the exam very well. I am quite confident that I would be able to score in this examination.
During the December’s holidays, the results were announced. I was very scared and nervous to take the results. I felt butterfly in my stomach. Tears trickled down my cheek when I saw that I had straight A’s. I was really thankful to the Almighty God. Later, Eika and I were announced as the best students of the school. Eika did it again. I really respected her brain. She was too clever for me to compete with her. We congratulated each other on our success.
When I got into form four, I felt very happy. I wanted to sit next to her again this year. It was liked a very competitive contend that I adored. I wanted to sit next to her again this year. But, when I walked into the class, she was not there. She never failed to turn up early in the morning to the class. I felt very curious and missed her. I tried to calm myself. I reserved an empty place next to me for me.
Later, the form’s teacher entered and I was shocked when she told me that Eika had gone overseas. I was shocked and surprised. She should have told me about this. I really felt bad. I always scolded her all the time. She was always my partner in everything that I did and now she had gone. If I had the chance to go back in time, I want to treat her with my best. Eika, you are my best friend forever.